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A Lifetime of Realness, 2017-2019, Harlem, New-York. 

Gentrification processes are at work in New York, as in many large cities. Urban policy strategies are multiplying to bring back the middle classes, who have long left the city for the suburbs.

Harlem, a former black ghetto, is a New York neighborhood located north of Manhattan. A central place in the collective imagination of African-Americans for its symbolic and political dimension, this district has experienced a strong revaluation of its territory and its economy since the 1980s and attracts whites, black elites and tourists.

Between 2017 and 2019, my numerous trips to New York were an opportunity to contemplate the architectural and cultural potential of Harlem: from the legendary 125th, to the St. Nicholas blocks, to the renovation of Marcus Garvey Park and the establishment from Columbia University.

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