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Léa Gobin’s work mainly translates into an authentic approach to photography. Photographer and geopolitical analyst her passion lies in the intersection of art and social sciences. 

She uses analog photography and develops her eye everyday in the simplicity of things and through her many travels and encounters.

"Photography allows me to apprehend and interpret the world and time. It's also about relationships with others, with things, with what surrounds me. Transforming the emotions I experience into a vision."


In 2019, she exhibited her photo series Stone Town in Brooklyn. This project is a fusion between photography, poetry and activism. 


She worked in 2020 on a photo series with high-level athletes, notably Enzo Lefort, about the body as a working instrument, which was exhibited with Analog Sport in Paris. 


In 2022, Argentik Mag published her photo series “a lifetime of realness” on gentrification in Harlem, in its special issue on the thematic of “Sport”.

In 2023, Athletica Mag shared her work with Marie Patouillet, known for her para-cycling record and her activism on LGBTQ and handicap in sports.  

In its April 2023 issue, Le Monde Magazine dedicated a portrait to Ibrahim Kamara, artistic director of Off-White and asks Léa to photograph him during the brand fitting during Paris Fashion Week.


Performing Arts Mosaic, Brooklyn, New-York, May 10th, 2019

Analog Sport Exhibition, Paris, November 12th, 13th, 14th, 2021

Argentik Mag, Paris, September 9th, 10th, 2022


Argentik Mag, issue 9 "Sport"

Athletica Mag, n°10

Ibrahim Kamara, Le Monde Magazine, April 2023

Oxmo Puccino, Le Monde Magazine, February 2024

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